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The Mount Carmel Center for Innovative Learning serves a diverse population of learners from student nurses, resident physicians, medical staff and registered nurses to Emergency Medical Services (EMS) providers, non-clinical learners, local schools and community groups. The Center for Innovative Learning works especially closely with the Graduate Medical Education programs to increase confidence of residents as they encounter disease process with which they are frequently faced in both the inpatient and outpatient settings.

The Center for Innovative Learning continues to evolve to serve the changing educational needs of the health system and the community. The Simulation Center, which is housed inside the Center for Innovative Learning, has two unique simulators – a labor and delivery simulator and a high fidelity simulator – for training purposes. These simulators have a remarkable impact on the education and applied-experiences of our residents.

At the Mount Carmel Simulation Center, residents practice real-life medical situations to perfect patient care and improve outcomes. The Center is a dynamic, system-wide training center with a diversity of high-fidelity human patient simulators and clinical education resources that’s available to all of our physicians, nurses, colleagues, students and community partners. The center teaches our healthcare delivery teams how to work together, identify problems, implement patient-focused team treatment, enhance quality of care and improve patient outcomes.

These computer-driven, high-fidelity human patient simulators are life-like adult and pediatric mannequins that breathe, blink and bleed. They have precise internal mechanics and respond physiologically to user interventions, allowing both our students and medical professionals to see, practice and react to real-life patient situations without the risk of consequences.

The Center Includes:

  • Laparoscopic surgical simulator
  • Endoscopic simulator for upper and lower gastrointestinal procedure training
  • Four high-fidelity bays for ICU/ER, OB/pediatrics and medical/surgical simulations
  • Labs for orthopedic skills and ultrasound practice
  • A simulated home environment
  • Exam rooms with video capability to review completed simulations
  • Video conference center

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