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The Mount Carmel Family Medicine Residency offers a strong family medicine education. We emphasize holistic care through our community outreach. We utilize an innovative educational environment including our state-of-the-art simulation center to produce quality physicians who contribute regularly to our specialty through ongoing research. And through it all, we offer a supportive environment by emphasizing physician wellness throughout our curriculum.

Emphasis on Community Outreach

Mount Carmel has a strong history of commitment to providing care to the medically underserved through the Outreach Program and our residents support that tradition. The Medical Director of the Outreach Program is John O'Handley, MD, a past program director for the residency. All of our residents serve on the Mount Carmel Outreach van during their Community Medicine rotation and electives. The van:

  • Is a state-of-the-art mobile outpatient unit that travels to homeless shelters, neighborhood centers and communities in need.
  • Enables us to provide medical assessments, procedures and treatment, diagnostic tests, immunizations, patient education, medications and health referrals.

Mount Carmel realizes that our community stretches outside the bounds of Columbus, Ohio, and the United States. We routinely offer global health mission opportunities with multiple trips available per year. We work closely with Global Health Volunteers for several of our sites such as Jamaica and Peru. Additionally, we take a yearly trip to Chiapas, Mexico. These are one to two-week medical mission trips and are open to all interested residents. Our ongoing relationships in these communities allow us to continue giving back to our global community.

Our Community Outreach continues to grow and develop yearly based on the interests of our residents. Additional areas of involvement include sports physical clinics, free clinic participation, Walk With A Doc, and volunteering at local sporting events.

Emphasis on Team-Based Care

Our program utilizes our Family Medicine Center, adjacent to Mount Carmel St. Ann’s, to provide our continuity outpatient training experience. The Center is staffed by faculty, nursing and office staff all dedicated to providing our residents with a solid teaching experience during their ambulatory training. Our patient care and resident education is further enhanced by the consistent presence of social workers and pharmacists. This multi-disciplinary, team-based approach provides the best experience possible for both patients and residents.

Emphasis on Innovative Education

Our faculty is constantly engaged in curricular development in order to continue providing new innovation to enhance the residency education at Mount Carmel. This is seen through the design of our Wednesday didactics, which provides educational opportunity through multiple learning modalities. We meet monthly at the Center for Innovative Learning for hands-on learning. Utilizing video observation exam rooms and debriefing rooms, we practice a variety of inpatient and outpatient encounters. Through the help of standardized patients and computerized mannequins, residents are able to practice communication skills in addition to developing diagnoses and treatment plans. The Center for Innovative Learning also provides the tools for procedural training including musculoskeletal injections, dermatologic procedures, ultrasound, and even breast exam training.

Back in our Family Medicine Center, we also have exam rooms equipped for video observation of true patient encounters. Under the guidance of our behavioralist, residents are able to observe and reflect on their patient interactions. Moving forward, we are currently investigating ways to include direct observation in our inpatient training as well. Through the formative feedback these simulated and real patient encounters provide, we continue to grow quality physicians who are able to provide excellent patient care.

Emphasis on Scholarly Activity

Both residents and faculty are encouraged and supported in their clinical research and quality improvement initiatives. We are consistently engaged in multiple scholarly projects. Residents are supported through faculty mentorship and our Office of Research Affairs. Lynn Shaffer, PhD, a Senior Statistical Analyst from the Office of Research Affairs holds monthly meetings during our Wednesday morning didactics to discuss the status of each research project. Lynn Shaffer provides invaluable help from inception to publication of each project.

Several past residents have conducted research funded by the American Cancer Society, Wright State University, The Ohio State University and the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP). Our faculty and residents have published in many prestigious journals such as The American Family Physician, Journal of the American Medical Association, The Consultant, Family Practice Recertification and Family Practice Management. They have also presented at the AAFP Scientific Assembly, Society for Teachers of Family Medicine and ACGME conferences, AFMRD Program Director Workshop, Pediatric Academic Societies Annual Meeting, Society for Neuroscience and others.

Emphasis on Physician Wellness

Physician wellness is an area we not only acknowledge as important but seek to excel in. Wellness starts on day one through the support we provide our residents. Each residency class meets monthly with the help of our behavioralist. These group meetings are when residents are able to grant each other support and help through this difficult time of learning and growth. Our advisor program is also an important asset at Mount Carmel. Each resident is paired with a faculty advisor who meets with him or her monthly to discuss specific rotations, overall progress and career goals. Our advisor relationships are an important area of mentorship and support. This close contact allows us to identify potential difficulties before they progress and ensure that each of our residents successfully attain their career goals.

Wellness is not only important to the Family Practice Residency program, but to the Mount Carmel Health System organization as a whole. Every year, we hold a system-wide Wellness Symposium, which is a time to reflect and add to the tools we each possess to maintain our personal wellness. Throughout the year, our Wellness Committee provides physicians a variety of resources to aid in their journeys as medical professionals. Help is always available.