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Whether you're a first-year pharmacy student or nearing graduation, Mount Carmel offers you exciting opportunities to work with highly skilled professionals and gain the kind of experience you can only get in a dynamic hospital setting. You'll get real-world practice with valuable skills, including IV compounding, collecting medication histories and interacting with patients.

Our internships, which are available at Mount Carmel East, West, and St. Ann's, reinforce what you learn in the classroom by providing you with real-world responsibilities that affect patient outcomes. Each academic year, your training and practice skills will expand under the direction of top clinical pharmacists. As a Mount Carmel Pharmacy Intern, you'll:

  • Help pharmacists prepare and dispense medications, keep meticulous records and counsel patients
  • Prepare IV admixtures and other sterile products
  • Compound medications
  • Help fill outpatient prescriptions
  • Package and label medications
  • Help provide drug information to patients and healthcare professionals
  • Perform clinical duties under the direction of a licensed pharmacist (medication reconciliation, adverse drug event review, renal dosing/review, medication utilization review, patient rounds with physicians, presentations to staff, codes/traumas and unit inspections)
  • Work with dispensing machines, barcode label machine, nursing point-of-care medication scanning system and hospital information system

If you're interested in a pharmacy internship at Mount Carmel, click here to search for open positions.