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One of our program’s strengths is our series of conferences. Time for these didactics is protected time, free from clinical duties to ensure residents get a good balance between clinical experience and more structured lectures.

Morning Conferences

Morning Report

  • Traditional, case-based presentation of an unknown patient
  • Focuses on a few key learning points, supported with evidence from the literature
  • Interactive and informal

MKSAP club

  • Interactive, open-ended question format to encourage discussion of the assigned MKSAP reading
  • Excellent preparation for board exams

Primary Care Conference, Grand Rounds, and Critical Care grand rounds also take place monthly

Noon Conferences

Noon Conference

  • Comprehensive lecture series presented by our teaching subspecialists on an 18 month cycle
  • Includes Geriatric and Primary Care lecture series


  • Brings together all of Mt. Carmel’s residencies to learn about topics common to all the programs.
  • Includes a research curriculum targeted toward PGY-1

Journal Club

  • Monthly critical review of a recent pertinent article.
  • Fosters critical thinking and allows PGY-3 residents to lead discussion on articles of interest.

Morbidity and Mortality Conference

  • Occurs monthly with General Medicine and ICU teams and periodically combined with Surgery teams.
  • Competency-based examination of care with learning points from an individual to a system-wide perspective