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Professional Liability Insurance

Policy Purpose:

In accordance with the Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) Institutional Requirement IV.E, Mount Carmel Health System (MCHS) provides residents/fellows with professional liability coverage, including legal defense and protection against awards from claims reported or filed during participation in each of its ACGME accredited programs, or after completion of the program(s) if the alleged acts or omissions of a resident/fellow are within the scope of the program(s).


  • In accordance with the ACGME and the Graduate Medical Education Resident Agreement, MCHS shall provide defense and indemnity against claims of liability and legal actions asserted or brought against the Resident for professional negligence within the scope of the activities assigned to the Resident under this Agreement.
  • The Resident agrees to provide, and it is a condition of defense and indemnification that the Resident provide, prompt notice of any claim or suit and cooperation in the investigation and defense of any such claim or suit.
  • MCHS reserves the right to select defense counsel and to investigate, settle or otherwise dispose of the matter as it sees fit.
  • This requirement to provide professional liability insurance coverage and to defend and indemnify does not extend to acts beyond the scope of the residents/fellow's activities pursuant to his/her Graduate Medical Education Resident Agreement or to intentionally tortious or criminal acts.

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