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Implementation is necessary if accreditation issues, financial concerns, or a disaster necessitate closure or reduction of any MCHS’ ACGME accredited residency program.

Policy Purpose

In the event that an MCHS residency program (Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Transitional Year) has to reduce its complement of residents or close the program, this policy is designed to coordinate the actions of all involved in the decision and its consequences (that is, MCHS administration, Board of Directors, Designated Institutional Official, Program Directors, the Graduate Medical Education Committee, faculty, administrators, medical staff, and trainees).


  • Closure consequent to accreditation issues: If adverse accreditation status affects the viability of a residency program, the administration (i.e., CEO, COO, CMO, DIO/VPME and Board of Trustees], GMEC, Program Directors, faculty and residents [in person and by written letter] will be apprised within one (1) month of accreditation letter receipt from ACGME. Assistance will be provided to resident physicians who require continued training at an alternative site. Assistance will include Program Director and faculty efforts, as well as national association list-serve activity to query other ACGME accredited programs about training opportunities.
  • Closure/reduction consequent to financial concerns: If financial concerns necessitate closure/reduction, the CEO, COO, CMO, DIO/VPME will communicate with GMEC within one (1) month of the ACGME decision. Other necessary communication and assistance to trainees will occur as per #1) above. Every effort will be expended to permit resident physicians, if possible, to complete their training at MCHS.
  • Closure/reduction consequent to disasters: Communication with all involved will take place as per #1) as soon as is possible after events that qualify as a disaster. Resident physicians’ training continuity will be addressed as above. If reduction or closure is temporary, such information will be included in the in-person meeting and letter addressed to resident physicians.

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