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Department Oversight and Maintenance

Graduate Medical Education

Policy Purpose

According to the ACGME program requirements, the Program Director of each residency must ensure, direct and document adequate supervision of resident physicians at all times. Resident physicians must be provided with effective and reliable systems for communicating with the Program Director and supervising faculty.

Responsible Persons

Graduate Medical Education Administration


  • Faculty schedules must be structured to provide resident physicians with continuous supervision and consultation.
  • Faculty and resident physicians must be educated to recognize the signs of fatigue and stress, and to adopt and apply policies to prevent and address the potential negative effects.
  • The Sponsoring Institution and Graduate Medical Education must monitor programs’ supervision of residents and ensure that supervision is consistent with:
    1. Provision of safe and effective patient care
    2. Educational needs of residents
    3. Progressive responsibility appropriate to residents’ level of education, competence, and experience; and,
    4. Other applicable Common and specialty/subspecialty-specific Program Requirements.
    5. Communication with Medical Staff: Communication between leadership of the medical staff regarding the safety and quality of patient care that includes:
      • The annual report to the OMS
      • Description of resident participation in patient safety and quality of care education; and,
      • The accreditation status of programs and any citations regarding patient care issues

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