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Vacation and Leave of Absence

Policy Purpose:

The ACGME requires sponsoring institutions have a policy for vacation and other leaves of absence, consistent with applicable laws. This policy must ensure that each of its ACGME-accredited programs provides its residents/fellows with accurate information regarding the impact of an extended leave of absence upon the criteria for satisfactory completion of the program and upon a resident’s/fellow’s eligibility to participate in examinations by the relevant certifying board(s).


  • Paid Leave Time (PLT) – PGY-1 are entitled to twenty-three (23) days of PLT with stipend. PGY- 2s and above are entitled to twenty-eight (28) days of PLT with stipend. PLT is inclusive of sick time, vacation time and holidays. hPLT is to be scheduled by mutual agreement with the Program Director. PLT is not cumulative and not accruable from year to year or beyond the terms of this Agreement. Payment in advance or payment for unused PLT, including payment upon termination, will not be permitted.
  • Family Medical Leave (FMLA) - In accordance with FMLA rules and regulations, after 12 months of employment, a Resident absent from work for their own illness, illness of an immediate family member, maternity/paternity reasons or military family leave is eligible for up to twelve (12) weeks of leave. Please see the Family Medical Leave of Absence policy for additional information.
  • Bereavement Leave – Any Resident may take up to three consecutive workdays off, with pay, to make funeral arrangements and attend services in the event of the death of an immediate family member. One day off with pay is granted in the case of death of certain specified relatives. Please see the Bereavement Leave policy for additional information.
  • Educational Leave - Each training program is encouraged to allow five (5) business days of leave for educational purposes relevant to the training program. The guidelines for providing such leave and reimbursement for expenses are left to the discretion of each program. Approval for educational leave is granted by the Program Director.
  • Armed Services Reserve Duty Leave – Residents who serve as members of the armed services reserves may take two weeks (fourteen calendar days), without stipend, in addition to other approved leave.
  • Effect of Leave for Satisfying Completion of Program - Each Resident will be allowed leave for sickness/disability/paid time off per contractual year in accordance with Sections A through E. If a personal leave compromises a Resident's ability to satisfy specialty board training requirements, the Resident may be required to extend the training period. The Program Director will review the specific board requirements needed to complete the Program; supplemental time will be determined if necessary and added to the current academic year.

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