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CORE Internal Medicine

Welcome to the Mount Carmel Health System. During your rotation in the Department of Medicine, you are assigned to a teaching team made up of an attending general internist or sub-specialist, a senior resident and, in some cases, first-year resident and other medical students. You are an integral part of this team and are encouraged to take an active role in managing your patients.

The following educational objectives are expectations of competencies you should possess by the end of your Internal Medicine experience. They are designed to help you develop the basic skills of medical problem solving, case management, procedural expertise, and professional demeanor. Some focus on data acquisition (medical history, physical examination, laboratory data, or literature review), while others deal with purely psychomotor skills or attitudes and feelings. You are encouraged to review these objectives carefully because your progress and evaluation will in large measure be based on the criteria within these objectives.

Click here to view Internal Medicine Student Rotation Manual