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In May, members of the Internal Medicine residency program planted their first seeds in Franklinton Farms as part of their culinary medicine program. This is the second year for their garden and it is much closer to Mount Carmel West this year. We look forward to a great growing season and many fruits to their labor.

As the Internal Medicine program continues to get good publicity about their culinary medicine program, Dr. Lisa Hamilton and Dr. Noah Hagen presented this project at the Ohio Hospital Association annual meeting. This presentation was well received and got praise from leadership at Ohio Department of Health and the Ohio Department of Medicaid.

Dr. Jessica Weiss was able to use the community garden to make an impact one of her patients at MetroWest. She had a new patient that she saw for the first time. As Dr. Jessica Weiss was taking his history, she asked about him about his eating habits and inclusion of vegetables. She then told him about the culinary medicine program and he got very excited. He had talked about seeing the zucchini out front and wondered if he could have one. After the appointment, they went to get some of the harvested vegetables at the front desk but unfortunately they were all gone. With the garden being so close, Dr. Weiss asked the patient if he could wait a few minutes so she could run over to the garden to get some fresh produce for him to take home. She quickly came back with healthy food for the patient to use in his next meal. He was so excited that he told her that he couldn't wait to come back to his next appointment. These actions by Dr. Weiss clearly impacted the patient's visit and not only made him happy about his visit, but she achieved patient engagement with him so he will participate in his journey to wellness.

The Internal Medicine program got some well-deserved great publicity in the news media for their work in Culinary Medicine. They were featured in an article in the Columbus Dispatch and a news story on 10TV. Special thanks to Dr. Lisa Hamilton and Dr. Noah Hagen for their transformative work!

At a cooking class at the Healthy Living Center, the Health Plan Policy Administrator for the Ohio Department of Medicaid, Irene Barnett, and 8 others from the state agency, attended to learn more about the culinary medicine program of the Internal Medicine program. This nationally recognized program is gaining the attention of key leaders of key agencies that can help make a difference to those that can benefit from the program.