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The Mount Carmel Internal Medicine program recently launched a new education initiative to improve patients’ knowledge about diabetes, and the program has already shown positive results.

Through the program, patients with diabetes receive video instruction about their condition. To determine the program’s effectiveness, patients are tested about their knowledge of the disease before and after viewing the instructional content. The program has shown marked improvement in patients’ understanding of:

  • What diabetes is: improved from 81% (pre) to 94% (post)
  • Testing for diabetes: improved from 77% (pre) to 94% (post)
  • The target for HgbA1c: improved from 45% (pre) to 61% (post)
  • How often HgbA1C should be checked: improved from 52% (pre) to 71% (post)

The program is proving to be a model for using education to improve patient wellness.